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Knack Systems – Official Sponsors of the SAP Hybris Digital Summit – welcomes you to access their exclusive CEC content package

Growing customer requirements and dawning technology and viral concepts are propelling disruption across enterprises. Today, we’ll be providing you access to our exclusive content—articles, blogs, and videos. We’ll also be live-streaming an inspiring session involving our thought leaders and industry experts on a topic central to managing your customer engagement and commerce practices.

Irrespective of whether you hold the reins of your enterprise or handle the systems and processes within, we have something for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to browse through this site and read/download/bookmark content relevant to your business.

Happy learning!

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Who we are

Knack Systems is a niche consulting organization. We provide digital transformation services in the field of sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce. We are a Gold partner and recognized experts of SAP. Our focus from a solution perspective is the Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce solutions, which include Hybris Commerce, Hybris Marketing, and Hybris Cloud for Customer. We have a very strong foundation in SAP ERP. With our HQ in the US, we have about 300 consultants globally.

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Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

Turning Sales Management into an Art

Knack Systems customers from Royal Cup Coffee and Tea explain how actionable insights from Knack Systems helped their sales team to be more efficient and effective with the time that they have in front of the customer.

ELITech Group

Building a Case for Crucial Customer Information Access

Scott Van Alst, Director, Technical Service at ELITech Group explains how Knack Systems’ expertise helped his team ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and deliver service and support that helped the company become competitive in its market.

SAP C4C - MindTouch Connector

Helping You Build a Better Business

The SAP Hybris C4C - MindTouch Connect – developed by Knack Systems - enables end-to-end process integration between SAP Hybris C4C Service and MindTouch, empowering Contact Center Agents to access various documents from the MindTouch Document Repository.

Our Partners

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