Companies today want to rapidly deploy applications to enable their sales, service and marketing teams to engage easily and effectively with their customers. Knack Systems has always aimed at being a front runner in providing customers with latest, innovative solutions to keep them future ready. With the SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP JAM solution, Knack Systems has taken a step ahead in the right direction, to enhance its competency in the cloud solution and cloud integration space.

Knack Systems’ early investments in SAP Cloud for Customer space has resulted in pre-packaged service offerings which are rapidly deployable within 6-12 weeks. These fixed price offerings combined with our experienced consultants allow our customers to start benefitting from Cloud for Customer in a fast and easy manner without waiting for months and without a huge price tag. To ensure a successful delivery of these applications, Knack Systems maintains a fully integrated environment consisting of Cloud for Customer integrated via SAP Hana Cloud Integration (HCI) and SAP PI to SAP CRM and SAP ERP in our CoE.


Designed for marketing, sales, and service organizations; SAP Cloud for Customer is a powerful and effective combination of the following three solutions and their key features:

Cloud For Sales

  • Sales professionals get a consumer-grade user experience on the homepage
  • Dashboard gives sales professionals a 3600 view of their customers, to complete the sales cycle (lead to cash)
  • Equipped with an easy to use, drag and drop, interface
  • Offline capabilities for iPad app integration allow sales professionals to carry out effective customer engagements
  • Sales assistant provides guided selling process at every stage of the sale
  • Enhanced collaboration on contacts, appointments, tasks through hassle-free integration with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes

Cloud For Service

  • Self-service webportal
  • Interface for Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Pre-built integration with social media analytics tools, to assist proactive customer interactions
  • Client Relations and Customer Service professionals can access ticket status, escalations, and key service metrics on-the-go to enable better CRM services
  • Easy-to-access product registration and warranty information, to help service agents with up-selling & cross-selling

Cloud For Social

  • Access to the latest social media trends across the globe with the new scheduled alerting capabilities feature, in SAP Social Media Analytics
  • Added support for 19 new languages that allows marketers to customize messaging, campaigns, and promotion globally
  • Personalized marketing platform for social media
  • Opportunity for brand managers to fine-tune strategies and connect with their audience across multiple channels

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